ESG at Talbot

As part of the AIG Group we are aligned with its ESG approach and we are committed to being a company of action as we help the world navigate climate challenges.

Using global expertise to solve a worldwide threat

AIG believes the scientific data about climate change is unequivocal: climate change poses a major and unprecedented threat to human health and international security. As one of the largest global insurers, we take responsibility in leading the way in addressing global environmental challenges, including climate change.

Our commitment to sustainability helps future-proof communities by addressing societal and environmental factors, while enabling economic progress. Building on our expertise in managing risks of many kinds, we can design and drive innovative solutions to help clients and partners overcome the risks associated with such a monumental global challenge.

Climate Action Guiding Principles

Our climate actions are shaped by four guiding principles:


Integrate climate risks and opportunities and other ESG factors into our underwriting, investment and procurement practices.


Engage with our clients, suppliers, investors and other key stakeholders about the journeys towards an orderly and just transition to a low carbon economy.


Lead by example and set science-based targets to reduce our emissions.


Amplify our impact by helping to shape the standards for insurers on climate action.

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