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A broad, technical approach from a dedicated excess and specialist SME market

Here’s how Talbot’s Cyber team helps brokers win and retain business:

Our coverage

We have a broad appetite for Cyber risk focusing on supporting placements on a high attachment basis for direct and facultative business. We source a vast number of risks through our market leading SME facility product designed for the SME risk on fit for purpose coverage distributed via Coverholders and Cedents.

Customer first philosophy

We have a clear underwriting philosophy, focused on delivering high quality service with quick turnaround times and working towards finding solutions. We put our clients and brokers first.

Service focused

Talbot provides consistently high service levels in all Cyber product lines. Our primary lead SME cyber product is designed with simplicity to allow clients and brokers to pick up the wording and easily understand it. It comes with a locally provided 24/7/365 incident response support. We collaborate with a multinational technology provider to supply free cyber-security risk management services to help reduce the Insured’s exposure to business interruption.

Cyber claims specialists

Talbot has dedicated claims managers to deliver best in class claims service as a lead market. They manage our Incident Response providers to ensure service level agreement obligations are met on time. They are driven by their desire to minimise business interruption clients are facing and to use their best endeavours to try to put the client in the position they were prior to a breach. 

Leadership skills

Our underwriters have the technical capability, the resources and the experience to lead layers and facilities. As a lead SME carrier we are constantly thinking of new ways of improving our products to help keep the SME in business and provide our coverholders and cedents with a market leading approach.

Contacts by region

Dimitra Theodoridou

Head of Financial Lines

M+44 (0)7872 114 176

Fraser Rogers

Class Underwriter - Cyber

M+44 (0)7543 308 768

Richard Cheeseman

Class Underwriter - Cyber

M+44 (0)7972 179 878

Iveren Yongo

Class Underwriter - Cyber

M+44 (0)7543 308 760

William Bamford

Class Underwriter - Cyber 

M+44 (0)7985 349 126

Bertie Reade

Assistant Underwriter - Cyber 

M+44 (0)7896 277 783

Andrew Bannout

Underwriter - Cyber

M+1 917 859 8062

Josh Agee

Underwriter - Cyber

M+1 646 280 7088