Fine Art & Specie

Fine Art & Specie

The Talbot Fine Art and Specie team underwrites business from all over the world covering the risk while in transit and/or at rest. Our fine art clients include:

  • Private individuals
  • Museums
  • Commercial galleries
  • Dealers
  • Auction houses
  • Organisers of fine art exhibitions
  • Corporate Collections
  • Vault Risks
  • Banks
  • Financial Institutions
  • Primary Metal Industries
  • Mining
  • Exhibitions

Coverage for exhibitions is normally on a 'nail-to-nail' or 'door-to-door' basis. This covers artworks from the time they are removed from their wall or original location until arrival at the exhibition venue for display, throughout the exhibition period and thereafter until they are returned to their original location.

Why Talbot

Talbot's experienced and dedicated Fine Art team is a well-established carrier in the market. We write business from all over the world, and cover the risk whilst in transit and at rest. We can also offer tailored coverage as part of contractual requirements, along with war and terrorism cover in conjunction with fine art risks.

Please contact a member of our team below to discuss your needs.

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Contacts by region

Matthew Stock

Head of Fine Art & Specie, Asia Pacific

T+65 6511 1408

Edrick Tang

Class Underwriter - Fine Art & Specie

T+65 6511 1412

Danny O’Donoghue

Senior Class Underwriter – Fine Art & Specie

T +44 (0)7985 337 639