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Our wealth of experience adds value to every risk

Here’s how Talbot’s Marine Liabilities team helps brokers win and retain business:

Breadth of appetite

Talbot’s Marine Liability team has a broad appetite. We’re open to any risk that meets our standards for quality, ranging from Charterers and Ports & Terminals (with property) to P&I reinsurance and shipyard operations.

Service-driven approach

After decades in the class, Talbot knows the Marine Liability business inside-out. Our experience has shown that every case we’ve seen is different, so we are always flexible (on wordings, for example) and can develop bespoke solutions for Marine risks.

Relationship driven

Relationships are at the heart of our offering. We see the value and benefits of working with brokers and clients long-term and always try and find a solution where we can. We combine this approach with data to provide brokers and clients with high quality insights.

Claims exceptionalism

Talbot’s dedicated Marine claims team is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced. They manage claims efficiently and with a high degree of care and sensitivity. They’ve been around long enough to understand that claims are the foundation of enduring relationships.

Experienced & personable

Talbot’s team has more than 50 years’ experience in underwriting Marine Liability. We’re approachable, knowledgeable and have a global reach offering insurance solutions to an international client base. 

AIG Group

Our relationship with our parent AIG brings huge benefits for brokers and clients in terms of our capabilities. They share their insights into emerging trends, and we cooperate when it helps to provide market leading solutions for our clients and brokers. 

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Contacts by region

Tracey Hunt

Head of Specialty

M: +44 7936 045 825

Koen Van Leuven

Head of Marine, AIG UK & Talbot

T+31 (10) 453 5444

Paul Smith

Head of Marine & Energy Liability, Talbot & AIG UK

T+44 20 7390 5759

Alex MacLennan

Class Underwriter - Marine & Energy Liabilities

T+44 20 7550 3799

Samuel Upton

Class Underwriter - Marine & Energy Liabilities

Tom Guarnera

Vice President - Marine & Energy

T+1 212 785 2011

Christian Platusich

Head of Marine & Energy, North America

T+1 212 785 2010

David Calderon

Senior Underwriter - Marine & Upstream Energy

T+1 212 785 6066 | M+1 281 630 6626

Toni Trapani

Senior Underwriter - Marine 

T+1 212 785 2017