Political Violence

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Political Violence

One of the original war and terror syndicates with vast experience and expertise

Talbot positions itself to provide the most comprehensive Political Violence solutions in a volatile global security environment.

A market leader

Talbot’s Political Violence team is a global leader of war and terrorism risks and leads over 50% of its portfolio. We write a geographic spread of business that provides our customers with innovative solutions across a diverse portfolio of products.

Product pioneers

We are a pioneer, being one of the first syndicates to write this product and have a 35 year track record. The team benefits from 50+ years of combined experience. Talbot prides itself on its flexible approach, in-depth product knowledge, with expertise gained through a wide range of backgrounds and roles.

Bespoke solutions

We offer bespoke solutions to clients, restructuring programmes to suit their business needs. Talbot delivers unique solutions around coverage, limits and wordings, which encompass the very best risk management practises. 

Claims excellence

Talbot’s long history in the Political Violence market has created a wealth of knowledge in the claims space, having handled complex claims in multiple territories over the last 35 years.

Global reach and appetite

Talbot’s Political Violence team is at home on three continents, giving the team the skillset of understanding local dynamics across multiple geographies. The knowledge sharing amongst the global team allows Talbot to deliver curated global solutions for multinational clients.

AIG Group

Talbot’s Political Violence team is AIG’s centre of excellence. We combine Talbot’s expertise and unparalleled experience of Lloyd’s, with AIG’s ability to issue admitted policies as part of Global multinational placements. AIGs extensive global network provides further global reach to our distribution. 

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Roseanna McCluskey

Class Underwriter

T+65 6303 9539 


Johnny Ng

Class Underwriter

T+65 6303 9357


Jack Skinner

Class Underwriter

T+65 6303 9350


Kristine Hong

Assistant Underwriter

T+65 6511 1402 


Edward Atkin

Head of Terrorism and Political Violence

T+44 20 7550 3525 | M+44 7415 267954


Piers Harding

Senior Class Underwriter

T+44 20 7390 5542


Jay Alam

Class Underwriter - Political Violence

T+44 20 7550 3583


Will Green

Class Underwriter - War

T+44 20 7550 3552


Gisela Nilsson

Class Underwriter

T+44 20 7550 3796 | M+44 794 668 6805


Georgina Rennie

Senior Class Underwriter – Terrorism and Political Violence 

T+44 20 7550 3504 | M+44 7989 203052


David Thompson

Class Underwriter – Terrorism and Political Violence 

T+44 20 7550 3524 | M+44 7535 697915


George Wallace

Class Underwriter - War and Terrorism

T+44 20 7390 5626 | M+44 795 835 7727


Kit Nealon

Assistant Underwriter - Political Violence and War

T+44 20 7550 3592


Samuel Harris

Assistant Underwriter

T+44 20 7390 5551


Jade Rumsey

Assistant Underwriter

T+44 20 7550 3569


Gregory Worton

Assistant Underwriter

T+44 20 7550 3537


Joe Walsh

Senior Vice President - Head of War and Terrorism USA

T+1 212 785 2014 | M+1 917 822 4089


John Thompson

Senior Underwriting Distribution Manager - War and Terrorism USA

T+1 212 487 5253 | M+ 1 862 341 7719


Douglas MacMillan

Associate Underwriter - War and Terrorism USA

T+1 312 659 6104 



IFTRIP Live 2020

Talbot’s Edward Atkin, Senior Class Underwriter War and Terrorism gave an update of Talbot’s perspective on global political violence issues at the 2020 International Forum of Terrorism Risk (Re)Insurance Pools (IFTRIP) Livestream global conference.