Political Violence

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Political Violence

The Talbot Political Violence team manages a geographically diverse portfolio that has earned its reputation as lead insurer and reinsurer of war and terrorism risks worldwide. Our highly qualified underwriting team is one of the most established in the Lloyd’s Market.

A terrorism incident can have a significant impact on a business, both financially and reputationally. Protecting assets against property damage or business interruption resulting from acts of terror should therefore always be considered as part of a holistic risk management strategy.

The terror threat is more complex as technologies advance and groups adapt to pressure from heightened counterterrorism activity. Methodologies have developed significantly post the 9/11 terrorist attacks: there has been a notable movement from large-scale, high-impact attacks to more frequent but lower-scale attacks, often targeting more vulnerable assets.

Businesses are facing a more complex insurance landscape. They not only need cover against extensive property damage or bodily injury, but they must also focus on protecting against business interruption and subsequent loss of revenue. In recognition of these changing requirements, Talbot has invested significantly in adapting our product offering over recent years to respond to evolving threats.

Why Talbot

Part of the AIG group, Talbot Underwriting Ltd (‘Talbot’), is the Centre of Excellence for Political Violence business originating from Talbot and AIG offices. When we refer to ‘Talbot AIG’ on these pages, we mean the combined Talbot and AIG offering.  AIG purchased the Validus Group (of which Talbot was part) in 2018. Some colleagues in the United States of America are still grouped within Validus for organisational purposes.

Talbot AIG uses specialist political risk tools to deliver a competitive advantage through valuable insights for our clients against the latest global threats. We offer our clients tailored insights in crisis consultancy and bomb-blast analysis. Our market-leading position is reinforced by the ability to offer our clients coverage through Lloyd’s of London and on locally admitted paper through our global network of offices.

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Roseanna McCluskey

Class Underwriter

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Johnny Ng

Class Underwriter

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Jack Skinner

Class Underwriter

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Kristine Hong

Assistant Underwriter

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Edward Atkin

Head of Terrorism and Political Violence

T+44 20 7550 3525 | M+44 7415 267954


Piers Harding

Senior Class Underwriter

T+44 20 7390 5542


Jay Alam

Class Underwriter - Political Violence

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Will Green

Class Underwriter - War

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Gisela Nilsson

Class Underwriter

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Georgina Rennie

Senior Class Underwriter – Terrorism and Political Violence 

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David Thompson

Class Underwriter – Terrorism and Political Violence 

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George Wallace

Class Underwriter - War and Terrorism

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Sean Bellamy

Assistant Underwriter - Political Violence and War

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Kit Nealon

Assistant Underwriter - Political Violence and War

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Jade Rumsey

Assistant Underwriter

T+44 20 7550 3569


Joe Walsh

Senior Vice President - Head of War and Terrorism USA

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John Thompson

Senior Underwriting Distribution Manager - War and Terrorism USA

T+1 212 487 5253 | M+ 1 862 341 7719


Douglas MacMillan

Associate Underwriter - War and Terrorism USA

T+1 312 659 6104 



IFTRIP Live 2020

Talbot’s Edward Atkin, Senior Class Underwriter War and Terrorism gave an update of Talbot’s perspective on global political violence issues at the 2020 International Forum of Terrorism Risk (Re)Insurance Pools (IFTRIP) Livestream global conference.