Nuclear, Biological, Chemical and Radiological (NBCR)

The Talbot AIG NBCR product has been designed to respond to the multitude of threats posed by opportunistic use of nuclear, biological, chemical, and radiological agents.

It was the first in the market to include third party liability cover, as well as cover for property damage and business interruption.

NBCR perils are considered to have significant ‘footprints’ in respect of the damage and disruption an attack could cause, especially in built-up, metropolitan areas. Research conducted by blast modelling experts has shown NBCR materials have the potential to spread significant distances:

Potential terrorist devices

Potential contamination distance from point of attack

10kt improvised nuclear device


15kg Sarin gas device dispersal




Through the Talbot-led NBCR consortium we have the capacity to provide up to $50 million in cover, including:

  • Property damage
  • Business interruption
  • Third party liability
  •  Costs of decontamination / clean up



Covers multiple perils

In addition to NBCR terrorism, the policy covers NBCR malicious damage and NBCR strikes.

Property damage

Cover resulting from the blast from a NBCR attack.

Business interruption

Cover as a result of physical damage and contamination from an NBCR attack.

Third party liability

Cover for the liability imposed upon a client in respect of bodily injury and property damage.

Decontamination/clean-up costs

To reimburse the costs of contamination and clean-up of insured property.

Denial of access

Cover for losses resulting from clients being prevented by authorities from accessing their assets following an NBCR attack.

Clear and comprehensive wording

A clear wording which details exactly what is covered and excluded and that clearly defines triggers for cover.