Terrorism Threat

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Terrorism Threat

Talbot AIG provides terrorism threat insurance, covering businesses against loss of income through interruption without the need for there to have been physical damage as a trigger. This means that broader malicious acts, intended by terrorists to use fear to disrupt business, are covered in addition to direct sabotage and physical acts of terrorism. This could include acts such as threats of terrorist action or bomb hoaxes.

Whether real or a hoax, the threat of a terrorist attack can result in substantial business interruption and a subsequent loss of income. Terrorism threat insurance can be tailored to the individual needs of each client, providing peace of mind and mitigating the impact should a business be required to evacuate or lock-down as a result of a terrorist threat.


Talbot AIG has the capacity to provide up to $75 million in cover.



Net profit loss

Indemnity for net profit loss, where as a direct result of a threat the insured suffers financial loss.


No direct physical damage required

Trigger levels can be tailored to account for denial of access, for example.

Business interruption

Cover for loss of profit in the event that a malicious act interrupts normal operations.

Clear and comprehensive wording

A clear wording which details exactly what is covered and excluded and that clearly defines triggers for cover.