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The Talbot Property team underwrites a wide range of accounts including hotels, office and real estate portfolios, infrastructure, hospitals, school boards and industrial classes. Our coverage includes:

  • All risks of direct or physical loss or damage
  • Business interruption
  • Natural catastrophe perils

Our product offering extends to protection against all risks of direct physical damage and subsequent business interruption resulting from weather/natural peril or risk loss. 

Why Talbot

At Talbot we have more than 100 years’ combined experience in Property underwriting, the team specialises in hard to place risks including challenged occupancies and distressed accounts. Our Property team has an established reputation in the Lloyd’s market, having effectively underwritten the cycle with a consistent approach to underwriting strategy and pricing, maximising client satisfaction and retention. Using superior data and analytics, our Property underwriters are able to offer a wide variety of coverages, including all risks basis, named perils, CAT only and difference in conditions.

Why Talbot How Talbot adds value What this means for customers
Customer first philosophy with a claims focus
  • Service levels are paramount to Talbot’s business model. 
  • Dedicated claims team, experienced in dealing with complex and highprofile cases. 
  • Market leading service at the box and across E-Placing platforms.
  • Client retention rate of >80% yearon-year
  • High quality service with quick turnaround times and regular updates on progress. 
  • Claims are managed by highly experienced professionals, efficiently and with a high degree of care and sensitivity. 
  • Capacity and pricing consistency, avoiding unwanted volatility.  
  • In excess of 100 years’ combined experience in Property underwriting. 
  • Our experienced team provides highly competitive pricing. 
  • Proven track record, resulting in a consistent underwriting strategy.
  • Ability to provide terms where local and other markets aren’t able to provide capacity, including challenged occupancies and distressed accounts. 
  • Strong long lasting client relationships with consistent pricing throughout the underwriting cycle. 
  • Hands-on relationship with the underwriter
  • Willing to discuss and develop bespoke cover where required. 
  • Dynamic average line size allows us to change our portfolio mix according to market conditions.
  • Customers in distressed markets can get coverage when capacity is short or otherwise unavailable. 
  • Can offset increased premium expenditure in the form of deductibles, terms and conditions.
Lloyd’s & company paper
  • London and Singapore hubs with regional expertise and full Lloyd’s licences. 
  • The ability to utilise American International Group UK Limited’s capacity on specified risks providing access to company market paper.
  • Defined points of contact for various global regions. 
  • The customer has access to additional Direct & Facultative capacity via American International Group UK Limited, increasing group line size.
Data analytics 
  • We have market leading insight and modelling capabilities. Lloyd’s catastrophe risk operational framework (CROF) established. 
  • Experienced modelling team working with established in-house view of cat risk embedded across the organisation.
  • Customer’s most complex needs can be met. Single peril and deductible buy down coverages can be provided which are often unavailable elsewhere. 
  • Brings consistency in underwriting approach and pricing for customers. 
  • Sophisticated pricing model gives flexibility to underwriters to review layer options, structures and line sizes. 
  • Long term cost saving will be realised which can be passed on to customers in the form of reduced premiums. 



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David Yee

Head of Property, Asia Pacific

T+65 6511 1407

Jonathan Ng

Class Underwriter - Property

T+65 6303 9534

Joei Lim

Technical Assistant

Mark Ladbrook

Head of Property

T+44 20 7550 3554

Mark Compton

Senior Class Underwriter - Property Binders & Lineslips

T+44 20 7390 5637

Jamie Courtney

Class Underwriter - Property Fac North America

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Daniel Czesnikowski

Class Underwriter - Property Fac International

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Nick McAllister

Class Underwriter - Property Fac North America

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Ollie Richards

Class Underwriter - Property Fac International

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Harry Cameron

Assistant Underwriter - Property Fac North America

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Jack Royce

Assistant Underwriter - Property Fac North America

T+44 20 7390 5683

Samuel Wren

Assistant Underwriter - Property Binders

T+44 20 7550 3503