AIG Talbot Upstream Energy

Talbot's Upstream Energy underwriting proposition is a joint market facing offering in combination with AIG. The combined team operates under the name, AIG TAL Upstream Energy.


Here’s how AIG TAL Upstream Energy team helps brokers win and retain business:

Breadth of appetite

The AIG TAL Upstream portfolio can broadly be divided into three subcategories, being: Owner/Operators (including National Oil Companies (NOCs)), Contractors and Offshore Construction.

Experienced & personable

A long-term leader in the market, adding value to our global broker partners and clients through: Multinational fronting and captive management services, claims expertise and engineering services.

AIG Talbot Claims

The AIG Talbot Energy Claims Promise affirms that our dedicated team of claims experts will mobilise in rapid response to a covered event and, after coverage is confirmed, will advance our policyholders up to 50% of our share of the agreed estimate within 7 days, giving them the immediate working funds they need for damages, repairs, clean-up costs and extra expenses.

AIG Talbot Upstream Energy Differentiators

Meaningful Capacity

One of the largest capacities (USD 400m - Talbot USD 90m part of USD 400m) in the market and often used as a trusted lead market for other insurance markets to potentially follow.


The new, combined AIG TAL platform is one of the market’s largest Upstream portfolios in terms of premium income, with a global reach provided by AIG company or Lloyd’s licenses.

Multinational Capabilities

A global network of offices and top tier local insurance partners, with the ability to handle captive fronting and wrap-around captive programmes.

Risk Engineering

Our Risk Engineers are located worldwide and conduct all levels of risk assessment surveys, loss control inspections and desk-top reviews that help analyze the unique exposures associated with all aspects of upstream energy.

Loss Control & Prevention

Value-added loss control and prevention services from the drilling phase for Operators through HSE, site inspection, mobile equipment maintenance and operation for operators, non-operators and contractors alike.

Contacts by region

Ben Shannon

Global Head of Upstream Energy, AIG & Talbot

T+44 20 7954 8197

Jonathan Ewington

Head of Upstream Energy – AIG

T+44 7944 187 251

Ella Stoop

Senior Class Underwriter - Upstream Energy

T+44 20 7550 3727

David Turp

Senior Underwriter - AIG

T+44 7811 252 524

Alastair Russell

Class Underwriter - Upstream Energy

T+44 20 7550 3729

Jonathan Perrott

Class Underwriter - Upstream Energy

T+44 20 7390 5796

Sam Bilsby

Assistant Underwriter - Upstream Energy

T+44 20 7390 5668

Tabitha Rose

Assistant Underwriter - Upstream Energy

M+44 7731 989 078

Alex Thomas

Assistant Underwriter - AIG

M+44 7731 989 078

Isobel Holmes

Graduate Analyst - Upstream Energy

M+44 7538 427 348

Gayani Perera

North America Manager, Upstream Energy – AIG

M+1 713 342 7343

Nadim Ilyas

Underwriter - Marine & Energy

M+1 347 463 4314

Connor Jones

Underwriting Specialist, Upstream - AIG 

M+1 571 719 5766